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Overreaction and Anger Management
Some people freak out over the most inane, trivial shit.  I mean truly ridiculous things that influence a person's life in no meaningful way whatsoever, like if someone accidently bumps into them which causes them to move an inch.  That's what I saw today.  Even after the dude apologized, the lady flipped out and gave him this evil stare and yelled.  I would have loved for the guy to say something back but he apologized twice as he was getting yelled at and moved on.  If it was me I probably would have at least told her to calm down and if she wouldn't, then I would make some snarky remark about getting in my Tardis and traveling back in time to prevent myself from bumping her because clearly that shoulder brush was traumatizing enough to ruin her day.  Everyone watching this little event had a look of, "WTF is wrong with this lady?" on their faces, including me.  The normal reaction would be simply to accept the apology or say, "It's ok, I'm completely not hurt or anything so there's no reason to lose my shit."  The guy probably wanted to get as far away from the lady acting crazy as possible so I don't blame him.

Makes me wonder what this person's reaction would be when something legitimate happens to them, such as being involved in an accident that causes them money or actual harm.  I can't imagine how this lady would react if she got into a car accident or something along those lines.  Would her head just explode because it couldn't hold in the anger?  Would she kill the other driver?  If she can blow a gasket when she gets grazed on the shoulder by accident... who knows what she would do.  The look she gave the guy was so meanacing you would think the dude killed her dog or burned down her house.

I don't know.  Some fucking people...


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