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Kids These Days...
Last night we went to a friend's apartment for a small party (dinner and watching the football game).  I volunteered to take the trash out after dinner to be polite.  The complex's dumpsters were all clumped together on the other side of the complex but not the incredibly long distance my friend constantly complained about when she told me the owner's were taking away each building's dumpster and just have four in one area for the entire complex.  Bad idea considering there was trash piled all around the dumpster area because the four dumpsters were overfilled.  Huge complex, four trash bins.  Go figure.

Anyways, there were five kids going through the trash and riding their bikes around the circle where the dumpsters were.  They couldn't have been more than six or seven years old.  I throw the trash away and start walking back but then I hear one kid start calling his friends the n-word and using the f-word.  I turn around and the one white kid (the other four were black) was spouting phrases that either begin or end with the word.  He yelled it six times to his friends.  His friends seemed to not mind which made me think that this kid speaks like this all the time around them.  Either he learned it from his parents or his friends.

I asked my friend if she hears kids screaming the n-word and obscenities when she goes outside and she said, "All the time, but most of the parents who live here are assholes who ignore their children so what can you expect?  Asshole parents = asshole children.  I was a bit shocked when I first heard the kids around here but every kid speaks like that, I'm not exaggerating.  Black, white, latino, all of them.  Parents don't care, kids don't even understand the words they are saying, they just hear and repeat.  Some kids can't even say a sentence without using the n-word, they just call everything and everyone it for some reason.  Gives you hope for future generations doesn't it?"

Then we started talking about when we were kids and actually had to do homework before we were able to go outside.  She said kids come right home from school and just stay outside until night falls.  I guess I'm ignorant of how things changed (mainly because I haven't been around kids and don't live near kids) and we both felt very old, even though we are both only 26, after reminicing and discussing what is different in kids today from us when we were kids.  She did laugh about how she wanted to be a teacher when she was younger but changed her major in her sophomore year at college.  Kids today make her feel it was the best decision she has ever made.


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