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Resident Evil
First weekend in a long time where I have the house all to myself.  Just a relaxing three days without hassle.  Told my friends I'm chilling alone for the most part (after a hectic month) but I might stop by at the party Sam is throwing for the NLDS game on Saturday.  Going to catch up on the 90s Nickelodeon shows on my DVR.  A few episodes of Doug and about 15 episodes each of Rocko's Modern Life and Hey Arnold!  I have a few Dragon Ball Z movies recorded as well.  An almost perfect 90s marathon minus Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Legends of the Hidden Temple (they show the completed monkey in the credits, how in the world can you fuck up in that room if you watch the show?), and actually plenty of other shows...  too many to name.

Off topic, I really want to watch Supermarket Sweep again.  That show was awesome.  Re-runs used to be on years ago on a channel called PAX or something but the channel was changed or doesn't exist now.

I also have Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, 4 HD, 5 Gold Edition, and Code Veronica X HD all waiting to be played on my PS3, along with the new multiplayer Castlevania game I just bought today (not counting the many more games we haven't even opened yet).  I would have had the first three Resident Evil games done by now but my girlfriend was hogging the PS3 for the past two weeks playing them.  She's off with her mom shopping at the outlets for the weekend so I want to get a few games played because I know she'll be right back to playing on Tuesday when she gets back.  Plus she keeps saying we have to co-op RE5 together.

So far this weekend is looking great so with my luck one of the dogs will get sick and I'll end up wasting a day at the vet...  Better charge up the 3DS and order a book or two just in case.


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