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Filling up the house with Batman
Danielle has been playing Arkham City for the past two days nonstop.  I was planning to get to the mail first so I could have first dibs but I had to take the dogs to the vet for an appointment she made for mid-afternoon about two months earlier that she forgot to tell me about...  she can be very conniving at times.  I'll probably get to it in December.  I find it hilarious that she now plays video games more than I did during the PS1/PS2 generations.  Now I can barely get time on the PS3.  Even though I don't play as many games as I used to thanks to the series I used to like having gone to shit (Final Fantasy, etc.) or having stopped being made (looking at you SEGA).  Thank goodness I'll be getting Skyrim for the PC or I would never have time to play it thanks to all the games she'll be playing next month on the PS3 (Uncharted 3, Sonic, I can't remember the other six or seven she rattled off to me).  At least I'm getting to play Skyward Sword first because we arranged that in a deal trading off my rights to Uncharted 3 and Dark Souls to her.  Arkham City was first come, first serve but she knew she screwed me out of it months before, lol.  I might pick up another PS3 for the living room over Black Friday because it makes sense to have another for parties and with the upcoming living arrangements.

One of our closest friends almost had her apartment broken into while she was at home so she's staying with us throughout February until she can find a new place.  Plus my little brother is staying with us from mid-December through February because he's back from Italy for the holiday season.  Glad we have a guest room and the basement has a pull out couch.  Glad we don't have any kids yet either... which is going to be a big discussion between both of our extended families come Thanksgiving and Christmas... as it has been every year since we started living together.  Danielle says she's going to write a series of books called "Gossip Asshole Extended Family, Especially You Grandma" based on our families.

Life is good though and the Halloween party we are throwing should be great.


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